“I can’t even put this into words but what I’m trying to say is thank you…with all of my heart. These concepts have changed my life and I’m sure many more. I feel my whole being, perception has changed into an understanding that brings peace and love for all. Still words are not enough to express the shift I have experienced. I feel like a different person or should I say, I feel like a soul.”

“These workshops share knowledge and wisdom freely with whoever is ready and open for growth. They change how we view our personal interactions, how we affect one another and the world. They teach us how to be better human beings by never losing sight of our spirituality or the bigger picture. I am forever grateful.”

“The workshops helped me grow in more ways that I could have imagined. I discovered another side of myself and how I could free myself from past experiences. Inspirational, empowering, life changing and definitely soul nurturing. Each of these workshops offered something different and I just wanted more: truly encompassing.”

“I’ve been looking for groups/workshops that are informative, enable soul growth and are inspiring. I have found all this and more here, the information provided is open and non- judgmental which is very refreshing.Thanks for doing what you do.”

“Wow! What a wonderful two and half days, absolutely amazing. The content was brilliant – it covers so much and more!”

“The wisdom you have shared will guide my life and will continue to inspire my spiritual journey. This weekend has been life-changing for me – no words can express my gratitude.”

“It broadened my knowledge of the soul and also reinforced the knowledge I already knew.”

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