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I run self-empowering seminars that provide you with tools for finding more peace and purpose in life. My own journey with dreams has shown me that there’s no just arriving. We need to start the search for ourselves. And my various seminars show you how to do this, in different ways. The benefits are huge!

If you’d like more immunity to life’s challenges…if you want to feel good about who you are, these seminars are for you!

The information is a blend psychology, mindfulness and spirituality.

The online seminars run regularly throughout the year. They are convenient if you live abroad, in regional areas or can’t travel.

They are all free…and help you stay connected and inspired.

Some online seminars:

Dream Power: Let your dreams solve your problems!

Getting Unstuck: Freeing ourselves from inner conflicts…we’ve all got them!

The Power of Detachment: How to avoid the traps

Thriving Through Transitions: Stepping into the magic of empowerment

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Everyone welcome!

Free Talks

Watch this space for upcoming talks in 2022.

Saturday 5th June  2021  2-4pm

Demystifying How To Be: It’s simpler than you think! 

Do you think too much and need to let the pressure down?

This powerful seminar showcases how to “Be” rather than live in the mind where we can get trapped in our personal fiction.

“You’ve inspired me to be the best man I can be.”  – James

Everyone Welcome! Bookings essential.

Venue: 310 South Tce, Adelaide.  Free on street car parking.


Sunday 5th July 2021 10am – 12pm

Getting More From The Life You’ve Got: Freeing ourselves from inner conflicts…we’ve all got them!

Reinvent yourself by learning how to handle the powerful energies hidden in your inner conflicts.

Everyone Welcome!

Venue: “Hunab Ku” Healing and Mediation Gallery  18 Ebenezer Place Adelaide

To book phone 0411754168

Group Dream Coaching

Free follow-up online support for those who have attended the Dream Power Workshop and the seminars “Getting Unstuck” and  “Getting More From The Life You’ve Got: Freeing ourselves from inner conflicts…we’ve all got them!”
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