Our philosophy

To help support soul growth, through love and
wisdom, while building soulful connections with others.

How we work

Practical dream training is offered to groups and organisations to help them work with the dreaming mind to turn problems into solutions.

In addition, and as a community service, various free self-empowerment workshops are also offered to individuals.

The information presented is broad and inclusive, doesn’t follow any particular line of thought and is offered for your consideration.

Our community events provide a free and flexible learning environment and workshops can be attended in any order.

You are welcome to bring your friends, just let us know.

Venues are chosen with easy parking in mind and close to the CBD. The workshops are self–catering. Bring your own lunch and a plate to share for morning and afternoon tea, if you can.

Our philosophy, Cosmicpages

Who we are

Cosmic Pages has been a large Mind Body and Spirit bookstore trading in Adelaide, South Australia.

It has been committed to providing spiritual wisdom, in all its forms, to the community for the past 38 years.

Spiritual workshops have been running, during the last twenty years, in-store around the fountain and in the latter years, were offered as a community service.

Cosmic Pages is no longer a bricks and mortar bookstore but is still committed to running courses, at different venues, interacting with the wider community.

Check the Workshop and Latest News page for where you can stay connected with the community of like minded people.